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Coronavirus Concerns - how T2 Computing is preparing

While we have not been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 (coronavirus), recent information from the CDC indicates it is only a matter of time, to what extent, no one truly knows.

At T2 Computing we take this matter very seriously, how do we handle a business interruption which could last days, weeks, or dare we say months.

We are making contingency plans and would like to share some of our thoughts:

  • If our employees are quarantined for 2 or more weeks do they have access to the technology from the home office to be effective?

  • Are our services and technologies in the cloud or are we primarily on-premises?

  • If our employees need to VPN-in, is the connectivity in place; can our infrastructure handle the bandwidth necessary for the employees to be productive?

  • Are our employees working with company issued laptops or are they utilizing personal laptops? Is this acceptable? Is information security an issue?

For more information on how to prepare email:

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