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Smarter video collaboration and cloud production

By choosing Mimir as your video production and collaboration platform, you equip your content creators, editors and video professionals with efficient and easy-to-use tools for all media management, for editing workflows, using AI in smart ways, and for finding the videos and images that you need for your stories. 

Unite your editors, journalists and engineers

Mimir is used for cloud storage and backup, for media production, search and editing, for automatic speech-to-text transcription, persons and objects detection, multi-language translations, logging, and more. With Mimir, you equip your content creators with a tool to find the material they need for their stories in a reliable and efficient way. 

Finally, all your staff can work in a unified tool that is fun, super easy to use and requires no installation or maintenance. Mimir won the TV Tech Best of 2021 award. Read the announcement here

Ready to see how Mimir can transform your media workflows?

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