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DataXoom specializes in connecting businesses to the mobile internet. We offer cellular network connectivity for tablets, mobile hotspots, and specialty devices used by an enterprise’s mobile workforce.
DataXoom believes that when it comes to mobile data services, businesses have fundamentally different needs than consumers. But traditional wireless carriers offer mobile data services to businesses that have been designed for consumers – with 2-year contracts, termination fees, device subsidies, inflexible plans with breakage and overage charges, and weak controls.
DataXoom addresses these problems and more. Our mobile data services offer businesses several key advantages:
● DataXoom offers enterprises a choice of networks and technologies. Through agreements with multiple mobile network operators, we deliver mobile data connections on LTE, HSPA+, and EVDO networks.
● DataXoom charges for actual usage. For many applications within a business, mobile data costs can be reduced by 50% or more. DataXoom also has no annual contracts or cancellation penalties.
● DataXoom provides administrators with unmatched control of users through a single web interface. We provide real-time usage details, user authentication, data usage limits and alerts, and content control.
● Existing devices (tablets, cellular modems, etc.) can often be re-used for DataXoom’s service. Or DataXoom can provide affordable new or refurbished devices.
● DataXoom’s team has deep deployment expertise, so we can acquire and deliver devices that are ready to use within an enterprise.

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