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Technical Exploration of Media Arts and Sciences Technology

This September T2 Computing Professional Services will author a technical exploration series in Media Arts and Sciences technology. The narrative will focus on the ever-expanding presence and influence of IT technology on media production and distribution space, and how the current media technology development pipeline continues to drive the convergence of media-centric solutions with commercially available, off the shelf platforms, and corporate IT industry best practices.

We believe that the examination of Media Workflow within the Broadcast and Production arena is required, due in part to novel Media Asset Management monetization strategies, next generation Storage Platforms, and nuances in File Handling and Ingest, and Distribution.

As each topic and sub-topic is covered in a round-robin fashion, we will review each technology and/or solution, and its inherent parent/child relationship. In addiion to hardware and software solution discussions, we will discuss the discovery and analysis necessary to arrive at appropriate solution and deployment decisions, and concepts about monetization of technology, media assets and industry best practices.

These iterative assessments will be culled from T2 Computing Professional Services’ extensive practical body of knowledge and punctuated by recent real world case studies. Where appropriate, T2’s narrative will be amplified by fact-based exegesis from appropriate best in class vendors and industry governing bodies.

by Mitchell Simchowitz, Vice President, Professional Services